Action Snapshots

Rolled out of bed.

Shivered getting out of the shower.

Skipped my usual route to work.

Watched more thick, fluffy snowflakes fall.

Pulled out my "I mean business" teacher face.

Played with a Nerf gun during our lunchtime carnival.

Danced to "Celebration" with my third period class.

Commiserated with my co-worker.

Chopped cabbage. Shredded carrots. Diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.

Tossed homemade slaw together with apple cider vinegar, oil, and cilantro.

Mashed white beans and avocado.

Assembled wraps for dinner and lunch tomorrow.

Chatted with a couple of guys from church.

Cozied up in my blanket and watched a guilty pleasure show.

Thought about getting more work done. Decided not to.

Reflected on snapshots of my day.

Wrote them down before heading to bed.


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