Looking out across my classroom this morning, I watched those teenage mouths open slowly like a slow motion scream. Never a good sign to start a day of rigorous content. It wasn't just one kid either, it was like popcorn popping sporadically around the room. Constant yawns. One here, two there, and so on.

It didn't help that my clock still read an hour earlier because I was too tired to climb up on the counter to change it. So we all sat down in our desks as the clock hit 7:15 a.m.

I've been counting my yawns as I'm sitting here typing this. I'm currently up to three four five six seven. Yawns are contagious (it's an empathy thing, you can look it up), so perhaps typing the word yawn a gazillion times is creating my problem.

UPDATE: I'm posting this so late because I did indeed succumb to the yawns and I fell asleep for what I thought would be a quick nap at 6:00 p.m. (I was supporting National Napping Day...haha). However, I slept for 6 hours, missed posting this SOL on the correct day, and woke up with a slight touch of sickness. I hope it doesn't get worse, but congestion, cough, and chills aren't a good sign. Apparently I really needed some rest. More than I realized.

I don't know the exact science behind it all, but this article was an interesting read.

Moral of the story for "today" that I needed to learn myself? Listen to those yawns. Your body might be trying to tell you something.


  1. You should warn us to count yawns before reading this! Even reading about yawns cause them. I hope you feel better. Didn't know yesterday was NND, but I might have joined in on that celebration too. The Monday after the time changes is always rough.

  2. Take care of yourself; your body might be reacting to the yawns, or it might be warning you of trouble inside! Thanks for the science lesson!

  3. LOVE your lead. The similes make me think so much about the importance of such imagery in writing, and the reminder to include it in my own! Thank you for providing some great mentor writing here :)

  4. Yawning was epidemic at my school today too! I hope you feel better!


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