Chilled, Childlike, and Challenged

Today, I felt:

  1. Chilled: I thought it was spring now, but I was wrong. Thick, soft flakes spiraled through the sky as I pulled my sweatshirt tight. 
  2. Childlike: I dream of attending D23, the Disney fan convention. So instead, I watched a YouTube video of four of the original Disney princesses sing their songs on stage. I giggled like a 5-year-old. Then I watched Frozen for good measure.
  3. Challenged: During our Easter program at church today, that inner desire to do better and be better was strong. My friend posted a perfect quote on Instagram to go along with my feelings on this. "Happiness blooms from within." The seed is planted, I just need to let it grow. 


  1. Oh I love that quote- it is really beautiful and true. One I will remember. I like your alliterative theme for the post with the "ch" words. Great way to sum up your feelings on this day.


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