Stormy, Stormy Night

Just when I thought I had nothing, inspiration came late today in a few different forms.
  • an email coupon for Paint Nite appearing in my inbox
  • the song "Vincent" by Don McLean getting stuck in my head
  • rain tapping at my bedroom window
A trickle of life's 
sometimes unnoticeable fragments 
like thick and elegant brush strokes against a canvas. 

Contrasting colors swirl together, 
changing hue. 
Flush against my nameless wall. 

Sometimes I see my life through lenses 
of gray and blue. 

It's not as depressing as it sounds.
It reminds me of stormy nights
like tonight, 
when rain clouds dip low, coming close, 
keeping me company 
in our tighter-than-we-realize world. 

Now I understand.


  1. I like your connection to inspiration. “Life’s unnoticeable fragments” coming together...through brush strokes on your slice...painted by your writing talents!

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! I need to be inspired late at night like this.


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