It was an uncharacteristically frigid day in October when all of my boxes were unloaded from the moving van and dropped in the middle of a bare living room floor. A cold rain started to fall mid afternoon. Everyone helping me unload shivered and saw their breath.

Ever since, our weather here has ranged from freezing to unbearably cold to mildly chilly. There have been jackpot days of warmth, but each time it's happened, it's been a fluke. Even though today was still a mildly chilly day, I decided to venture out for my first "spring walk." 

I'd been waiting to post about it for days. I had it all planned out. On the first day of spring, I was going to write a beautiful post about the warm breeze, the buds starting to blossom, the birds chirping... But the first day of spring came and a rainstorm rolled in, so I pushed it to the next day. Then it snowed. Day after day there was excuse after excuse, and I was not getting anywhere near the picturesque spring atmosphere I'd been waiting for. 

So today, I decided not to wait anymore. I pulled on a jacket, grabbed my phone, and locked my door. I immediately pulled the jacket tighter when I was hit with a wall of less-than-warm wind. 

It was the first time I saw my neighborhood from this perspective. While there were no birds chirping and the breeze hitting my face was more of a nose-numbing gust, I still noticed signs of spring. Wreaths on doors hung sporting pastels and Easter eggs. Empty porch swings swayed waiting for occupants. A couple on an ATV parked and hurried inside. I passed a few homes with the curtains open, neighbors poking their faces out, nudging their noses against the glass. We're ready. Maybe if we all start to prod at the cocoon a bit more, in no time we'll unravel ourselves to find that spring has truly arrived.


  1. Lovely thoughts, prodding the cocoon of spring. I just found your blog. Please keep writing, I've read 3 posts and subscribed to future posts.


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