Sunday Song

Clouds dip down, kissing the valley,
sprinkling their frost lightly on my front lawn.
The promised blizzard thankfully doesn't emerge,
so I take the snow-dusted streets instead
while I let time freeze with a few extra moments in bed.

A few hours later, I walk toward the steeple,
stepping inside one of my safe havens.
I soak in the message of improvement.
I commit to give up something less
to gain something better.

The evening pulls me north.
I find myself on my parents' doorstep.
It's still my homiest home, brought to you by
laughter, sister cuddles, British baking shows,
potatoes and pot roast, and interactive Oscar viewing.

Tomorrow holds another chance to create joy,
but I'll remember that my heart was content today.


#SOL18 Day 4


  1. Beautiful! I can just picture those clouds, with the way you describe them as "kissing the valley, sprinkling their frost..." I picture it like a scene from a Hallmark Movie. And what an important lesson - that your heart was content today. Something that we could all learn from. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wait, have you watched The Great British Baking Show finally?! ;)


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