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I needed this tonight. By chance, I happened to open up Instagram when one of my favorite YouTube teachers started a live video.

Teacher self care is SO much more important than I realize sometimes. Here are my top ten insights gained from watching Christina Costa's (teachlikeagirl) Instagram Live video tonight:

  1. Realize that any rude or negative things the students say to you or about you are almost always projections of their own struggles. Be understanding, don't take it personally, and show them some compassion. 
  2. Don't be afraid to show emotion in front of students. You're human too. We all have "days."
  3. Meditate or listen to music when you feel anxiety tightening in your chest.
  4. Recognize when you're feeling cranky, and do something fun with your class. 
  5. Find a simple exercise routine that you can look forward to (power walk + podcast) and find someone to keep you accountable. (She answered this question from me! I asked how to keep up with an exercise routine when I come home completely exhausted every day...)
  6. Create boundaries for yourself. When you leave work, LEAVE work. 
  7. Develop a routine for yourself after school that allows for other elements of your personality to flourish. 
  8. Give time to your hobbies (like painting!)
  9. Ignore negativity from the staff around the school, pump in positivity instead!
  10. Learn what works best for you. Try out ideas, see what works and what doesn't, but make a goal to take care of yourself. You'll be happier at home and at school. 


  1. Thank you for the reminder. I think it's easy as teachers to feel guilty for doing what's best for us. We feel a heavy burden in our chests whenever we take time because we always want what is best for the kids. But, if we can't do what's best for ourselves and be our best selves, then we can't possibly be what's best for them. Great slice. Happy teaching :)

  2. I love how she answered your question... I used to dislike driving the 35 minutes to babysit, but now I look forward to it because I "get" to listen to my podcasts! I like the idea of doing that for some sort of regular exercise...


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