Mango Spears

I've made an interesting discovery since starting this challenge, going into every day with a hawk eye, ready to snatch up any moment that proved to be worth writing down.

The pleasant surprise I got is that there are so many amazing little moments each day that I could write about, and my dilemma became choosing which to capture!

So today, I could choose to write about the utter chaos of my morning, the intense yet productive conversation I had with one of my team teachers about planning for next year, or the amazing time I spent conducting a literacy interview with four girls, ages 3 to 14, from I sweet family I know.

Instead, the moment I want to slice today is the moment I got home, hours later than normal and exhausted. I dropped my bag next to the couch. As it hit the floor with a thud, I thought about how that was going to be me in about five seconds. However, having no dinner on my stomach led me to the fridge. I popped it open and saw the fresh mango spears I bought at the store last night.


I unsnapped the top of the plastic container and ate one, then ended up being three by the time I snapped it back up and stashed the rest back in the fridge.

There's just something about those spears. Not chunks. Fresh mango spears pierce and destroy any worries from the day. They are perfectly juicy without any dripping. (I always hate when I eat whole apples and the juice rolls down my hand. Ain't nobody got time for sticky!) What a perfectly simple, rich, and sweet way to end my day.


#SOL18 Day 8


  1. I love this line--"going into every day with a hawk eye." It's one of my favorite things about March--just how much more I see and notice and think about. There really are so many possibilities in our days. My favorite slices to read are just these small moments when something very ordinary becomes extraordinary through the careful telling. Thank you for this.

  2. That's what I have discovered from doing this challenge; sometimes it's the small, seemingly insignificant moments that turn out to be the ones worth savoring.


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